On September 15, 2017, a settlement notice was emailed and mailed to consumers relating to an arbitration pending before the American Arbitration Association (the “Arbitration”).  The Arbitration claims that 23andMe, Inc. (“23andMe”) (“Respondent”) sold the Personal Genome Service  (the “PGS”) to consumers based on inaccurate information regarding the PGS’s specifications and capabilities, and compliance with applicable federal and state laws.  23andMe denies these claims.  The Arbitrator, Robert L. Brent, did not rule in favor of Claimants or 23andMe.  Instead, the parties agreed to a proposed settlement.

The class is defined as all persons who reside in the United States of America who purchased for personal use a PGS from 23andMe between October 16, 2007 and November 22, 2013 (“Class Period”) other than for purposes of resale or distribution or to provide to third parties for purposes of research or education.

Subject to Arbitrator approval at a hearing scheduled for November 15, 2017, all Settlement Class Members will be entitled, for each PGS unit(s) they purchased, to receive either a Certificate for $40.00 off the cost of a 23andMe Genetic Testing Kit (“Certificate”), or to receive $12.50 in cash  (the “Cash Compensation”) for each qualifying purchase.  Settlement Class Members will be entitled to make an election for the Cash Compensation for each PGS unit they purchased during the Class Period.  If they do not make the Election to receive the Cash Compensation, they will receive the Certificate after the settlement is final.  Ex. 1 to the Settlement Agreement, located at www.23andMesettlement.com, provides details on the terms and conditions of the Certificate.  Consumers can also locate the Election Form on that website. 

Most questions about the settlement can be answered by reviewing information on that website.  If you still have questions that are not answered there, you may fill out the Contact Form here and someone will respond to your question.